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KLGA Rnwy ILS 22

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ILS freq  for rnwy 22 is 110.5.  JS41 data base doesen't recognize it.  plane turns the other way.  all other acrft have no problem using stock planes.  do I need to update js41 approach & Stars data base.....  where do i do that if thats the problem.  appreciate any help with this.  fyi: have landed at other airports with no issues w/js41

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JS41 data base doesen't recognize it.


The plane wouldn't turn if it didn't recognize it.  See below.  It's not what you think.




plane turns the other way.


One of the things that the J41 does is auto-set the CRS for the LOC based on the side it assumes you're approaching from.


At LGA, they use the same frequency for the LOCs to 4 and 22.  In the real world, they only turn the LOC on for the side they're using.  In FSX, they're always on, so you just have to use care at airports that have same-freq LOCs.


When you're approaching the air field, double check the inbound CRS for the LOC.  If you approach from the south side (as if you would be approaching runway 4) first, and hook around to the north (to go in on 22), the avionics may have tried to set the inbound course for 4, while you need 22.


Resetting the course after having passed the midpoint of the runway should do the trick.  If not, swap the NAV1 frequency out, and then back in.

Kyle Rodgers

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thx for getting back so quickly. My dep. arprt was kpwm (portland ME).  my only waypoint was BAF, then using Star "NOBBI5".  Then to YOMAN INT for ILS 22.  So there couldn't be confusion wheather rnwy 4 or 22.  I know what your saying, though, but I wasn't passing over LGA frm the south, west, Nwest or Southwest.  My route was basically comming frm the NE.  However, you bring up an interesting point on my "course bug".  there are 2.  I adjust my course, in this case rnwy 22 for heading 224. But I use the one on the copilot side because I can't seem to adjust the one on thepilot side.  Could that be the issue?  I noticed that it read 45 degrees which is close to the heading for rnwy 4.  What am I not doing to activate pilot couse bug (knob) on the pilot side?

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If you're trying to fly in LNAV, you can't adjust the CRS.  If you'd like to adjust the CRS and keep the AP on LNAV until you get closer, single click the V/L button (VOR/LOC), and then adjust the CRS.  It will automatically click back over to LNAV when it senses you're not messing with the CRS anymore.


If you'd like to exit LNAV to go to V/L, press V/L twice (if you're not using NAV mode on the AP, you only need to press it once).


These concepts are expanded upon in the tutorial flight.  I suggest checking it out.




As for it choosing the Runway 4 course, I couldn't tell you why it's doing that other than the fact that it's getting a conflict (because it's detecting two LOCs on the one freq).  If you force it to the other by rotating the CRS bug, it should be fine.  The only CRS bug that matters is the one on the side the aircraft is using (you'll note, there's a button on the panel that says PILOT/COPILOT just above the DME gauge, to the left of the ND).  If it says PILOT, it's using the pilot-side CRS bug.  No matter how much you flip the COPILOT side CRS around, it won't pay attention to it in the least.

Kyle Rodgers

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