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Motorized Phidgets TQ and Fs2Phidgets / DVATX

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Two months ago I was able to buy a motorized 737 tq from a real flightsimulator company at Schiphol
Inside there are 3 cards
- Leo Bodnar BU836X card for all axis / buttons
- Phidgets 1064 card , connected to : trimwheels
- Phidgets 1061 card , connected to : left throttle , right throttle and speedbrake

Using the Phidget Control Panel everything is working correctly

Fs2Phidgets itself is also a program for connecting all kinds of Phidgets hardware to FSX
However you need a script and nowhere I found how to make them.</p>
Also no tutorial I was able to find

Also I downloaded DVATX 1.4 : this program is a standalone for an autothrottle with Phidgets
Calibrating goes wonderfull.</p>
In FSX with the default 737 the trimwheel is working, but no throttles nor speedbrake>

I have the Ifly Cockpit Builders Edition and really woul dlik eto use my tq with it

Any help is welcome !

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Hi Gerald, 


Did you manage to get your trimwheels motorized? 


I have an A320 throttle quadrant and I am looking to see how I can motorize it for use with Jeehell FMGS, or ProSim A320. 


Do you still suggest using phidgets 1064? 





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