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WIDE and 4.3 Aspect Raton Configurations

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I searched for this issue but was unable to find a post on this. So, here is my issue. I'm looking to configure my NGX so that the aircraft and its panel will display properly across an AMD Eyefinity 6 monitor display. My particular setup includes 5 monitors for the outside scenery and one monitor for the instrument panel.


I looked at the files in the B737-800 aircraft folder concentrating on the aircraft.cfg files and the panel folder. In the 800 folder there is a panel folder containing 5 panel.cfg files - one for the default, one for the 4.3 ar and one for the "Wide" display panel.


In the 800W folder there is a panel folder that contains a panel.cfg file pointing (alias) to the 800 panel folder.


My question is this: How do you setup the 800's panel folder to test the various configurations. While the aircraft.cfg files are set up for read and write, the panel.cfg files are "read only." If you attempt to change this panel config, the OS tells you the file is "read only." I tried to change this designation but the system would not allow access to the file.


If I wanted to test, for example, the 4.3 ar, how would I access the 4.3 panel configuration from the aircraft.cfg file and what files would I need to access within the panel folder. In other words, how do I get to the 4.3 or WIDE configurations and what role to the panel_vc... files play in the display of the cockpit. What I'm trying to test is the 2D panel displayed across my 5-monitor (27" monitors) configuration. The outside of the cockpit view is good. The panel is not displayed properly.


I know that the fsx.cfg file must have the proper WideViewAspect= statement to match either of the panel configurations but I don't know how to get to these configurations within the aircraft's panel setup.


In addition, which of these two setups (4.3 or WIDE) should I use to get the cockpit window undocked and moved to another monitor so that my outside view is displayed properly on the eyefinity 6 monitor group while the instruments are displayed on a single 27" monitor.


I hope that my explanation is clear.


Thanks in advance.


Frank Bass

NGX Driver


Current System: ASUS P6X58D Premium mobo; Intel i7-980 Extreme CPU (liq cooled); Corsair DDR3 12GB RAM; AMD Eyefinity6 card, AMD 7900 cards (2); ASUS HD monitors (6); 19" touch screen monitor; Windows7 Pro 64-bit; Ultra X4 1000wat PSU; and numerous USB aircraft joysticks and switches. FSX Accel +; fsuipc (payware); Vipre Internet Security; no overclock.

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