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CYTZ (Toronto City Center) to KBOS (Boston-Logan)...

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I took off from Toronto, about 70 minutes ago, been cruising at FS230 in the Eclipse 500 (THANK YOU, FIVE (HUGS!) and am soon to begin my descent into Logan in  real weather (download mode) and the sim set to about 06:20 hours (beautiful sunrise)


I have been finalizing enroute the best and highest FPS (total sim settings for my system) and am getting fantastic graphic display, while keeping things hopping along at 41 FPS median.


I am so happy that I decided to pony up and take the XPX plunge.  This has been a so satisfying sim experience to date, and am excited for the future of this franchise. Flying over and descending into the Greater Boston Area, after the mountains in the morning sun with SHADOWS at my now fixed GLOBAL HIGH, suspends disbelief for this lad....just as good as when I fly with SHADE via FSX, and built into the base sim to boot!


I have lost count of the custom airports and scenery packs for most of North America, that I have downloaded and installed since receiving XPX, a short three weeks ago, that it is getting really close, and in such a short time period,..... that I might just drop the A/B  XPX-FSX comparison quotient. It is at this point of time,truly a soft focus, with "this has that, and that has this", no longer required, or to even be brought up for any justification model of owning either, or.  There is some incredible freeware out there for well as 3rd party commercial, and I am really getting behind and 'into' this flight simulator in a very large way!


Bring on 10.30, sooner than later, Laminar.  Bring on XPXI, when we see a maturing and rock-solid version for the XPX run.  Give me a good reason, Laminar Research to even have to THINK about going beyond my GTX bring back the great performance I am achieving tonight, soon to land at Boston-Logan.  You bring on the new ideas, the new features, and I will be glad to pick up a nVidia (whatever) to keep the FPS cooking!  


Back to the flight, and some time spent this morning on our virtual time at the Boston Commons. :)


Life is good, and knowing that a company is actively coding current, and for the future is making it a WHOLE, LOT,..........BETTER!

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