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USB hub dying?

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Hi, I have been having intermittent connection issues between one of my joysticks and FSX.   I use three hardware controllers - a Saitek rudder unit, CH Products Yoke, and CH Products Pro Throttle.   All three are connected to a Belkin 4 port USB Hub.   The hub itself, while rather old by today's standards, appears to be working fine.   However, I have been noticing when I startup FSX and load a flight, the throttle unit refuses to respond in the sim.  I bring up the calibration setup in FSX, and FSX sees the device, but there are no readings when I test the buttons/lever.   However, If I quickly unseat/reseat the controller's connection to the hub,  the connection returns.   Or, without having to reach over to reset the usb cable form the hub, I can just shutdown and restart FSX and the connection returns. 


I suspect the USB hub is going bad, but the light on the hub for the specific usb device is green.  This is kind of an annoyance, because even if I reconnect the throttle and get FSX to recognize the device, for some reason, I cannot use the hat switch in EZCA to change views in the sim, so I have to restart FSX regardless.   An important thing to note, not all devices lose connection.  I've seen the yoke not respond as well, but the rudder unit is fine.  So it appears one or more of the ports is starting to go bad, or the circuitry in the board is bad, who knows.


Anyways, USB hubs are cheap, so I have no qualms about getting a new one for replacement.  I'm just curious to know if anyone has had a USB hub cause connectivity issues from old age, just in case I have the same issues with the new hub.  

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