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Real H20 V2

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Hey guys,

I got this add on last night and I'm very happy with it.  User interface is very easy and straight forward to use.  You get your choice of 15 different colors for water and you can pick a separate color for rivers.  You also get a good selection of water animation. 

The package is not only water, a set of sky color textures is included along with aircraft reflection and sun.


I've been using Zinertek Ultimate Water.  I really like it but wanted to try something different.  Real H20 Water has exceeded my expectations and I have to say that I like it a lot more than Zinertek water.  


Changing water colors and animation is very quick.  It only takes a few seconds to install the new colors or animation through the user interface.


The sky color is really something too.  It's the most realistic set I've come across for FS9 along with Pablo Diaz's sky colors. 

I do have REX and lately I haven't been happy with their sky colors.  I find most of them overly saturated and cartoony. 


Just want to give a heads up in case there are members looking to upgrade their water or want to try something different.  This is definitely worth a look.


I also got Zinertek Ultimate Airport Environment to improve my default airports.  I think most of you guys already have this.  Big thanks to Dillon for suggesting this. 

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