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My FSX Experience was much improved

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I've been participating in a thread about FS9 recently which has discussed various Nvidia settings and had a pleasant discovery, thanks to a post someone shared.


I've always had a problem in FSX where aircraft did not get anti-aliased unless their textures were mipped.  Many designers, such as Carenado, don't use mipped textures so unless I edited them one at a time in DXTBMP, I couldn't enjoy the nice smooth lines of anti aliased aircraft repaints.


I shared my Nvidia settings in the FS9 thread and someone posted theirs, although they were unaware of my FS9 issue.  I tried their settings out and they looked nice in FS9.  Later in the day I flew FSX as I always do and noticed all my aircraft were anti aliased correctly!


I've included a screenshot of my AA settings, in case anyone every sees or has this same issue.







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Just like Word Not Allowed says in his great tuning guide:




If your GTX 650 can cope with  '4x SGSS'  (very hard on the system, especially cloudy situations but absolutely no shimmering)  then that's fine.


With my GTX 570 i take:  '2x SGSS'  (not as hard on the system and shimmering reduced greatly) for the best framerate.






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