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PNW Switch from NA to default Q

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I have Orbx NA Blue  and many of its airports.  


But when I install non Orbx addon scenery I am supposed to switch to default (textures), install the addons and then switch back to NA.


But I have not been doing that.. My Orbx is always set for NA and I keep installing other addon sceneries without switching back and forth. I have not had any issues with it. I have no intention of ever using default.... Even though I have Orbx AU I don;t fly there often


Would I run into issues?  I know the autogens have been giving me some grief. I need to figure a way out to add the xmls and psb.


IF I do buy Orbx EU sceneries....Can I not switch back and forth brtween NA and EU. Why would I have to switch Orbx to default at all? I want the Orbx NA as my default. 



Does anyone know what exactly Orbx does when you set the central control from NA to default and back to NA or EU? I'd like some transparency as to what they do.. I don't care for this black box approach. IS it only copying and restoring the folder fsx\autogen only? or does it do something else? 

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