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Saitek JET Settings & Questions

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Hey all, you may have seen my other thread asking about the different throttle/yokes I was considering. I did end up deciding on the Saitek due to its cost and seemingly decent quality. I do want to use them for jet operations with my PMDG NGX & AIRBUS X EXTENDED. i plan to get a second throttle quadrant in order to use more functions on it, but I have a couple questions.



For reverse thrust use, I heard about the detent and hooking it up that way. But since there are 2 engines, is it possible to assign a button to each engine for thrust reverser, or is it limited to one, that then works on both engines?



How well do flaps work on there? It seems like it might be difficult since there is more than one setting for flaps.



I have a similar concern with the landing gear aspect, obviously the detent will be used, but I am somewhat unsure of how it will work.



What exactly do the buttons do at the bottom of the throttle?



What other settings have all of you placed on the throttles, like on each axis, and on each of the buttons at the bottom what did you put?



Is there a difference between the "Pro Flight Yoke w/ 3-axis throttle Combo" and the "Pro Flight Throttle" other than the obvious fact that the first one comes with a yoke?


Sorry, but a lot of research goes into every one of my purchases, just to make sure I know what to expect.

Regards, Jeremy Chesney



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I'll take a stab at this.


1. To assign a button to reverse each engine you need FSUIPC.  Since I have so many different throttle setups for my various planes, I do all of my control configs through FSUIPC as it allows for profiles for each plane.


2. Can be tricky.  Again, more configurable with FSUIPC as you can define the the detentes.  It is a bit of a crap shoot with out because FS will just evenly space them.


3. This depends on whether you plan on using a button or axis.  For buttons you can assign gear up and gear down through FSUIPC.  FSUIPC is at the center of a reoccurring theme here... Same goes for the axis by using the control range option.  With out FSUIPC I believe you are limited to just toggling the gear with a single button.


4. They are laid out as toggles although they are essentially six push buttons.  The toggle presentation makes them useful for things like flaps up and down and so on.  you could also assign a single toggle function to each individual button i.e. switch one up is landing lights on/off and switch one down is taxi lights on/off.


5. Depends on the plane.  I have two quads so six axis.  I put everything from cowl flaps, flaps, to landing gear, fuel selector or carb heat depending on the plane.  I try to mimic the controls of the real plane.  Helps to remember what does what and makes it more realistic.


6. With out looking it up to verify the name, the pro flight quad is just an exact replica of the quad that ships with the yoke except it has a usb connection rather than an specific plug that only fits the yoke.  It also seats snugly next to other saitek quads (save for the TPM I assume).  Two next to each other interlock to make a nice single unit.


Hope that helps.  I really enjoy mine and have had no issues with them after over two years.  I've read where some people have axis get noisy or go dead but mine have been just fine

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That about sums it up. One oversight I see is at the bottom of the axis there is a zone for reverse. It acts like a detent but it is actually a button and the reverse is programed through FSUIPC as such. You just set up each throttle to Decr small and repeat and then on release to Cut. No problem reverse works like that. So you buttons can be used for other functions. When you get them you will be back here and we will help you further. Just PM me or post and if I catch it I will help. Cpt. out.

Best Regards,

Robert J McGill

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Thanks Jet! Alright FSUIPC is going to have to be on my wish list then, I should manage to get core processes in there without it for the time being however.

Still accepting any and all responses!


EDIT: I missed RJMCGILL's post!


Thanks for the information. I will definitely take you up on that offer if I run into any issues.

Regards, Jeremy Chesney



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I plan to only get one throttle quadrant along with the yoke at this moment. I plan to hook up the Throttles to Axis 2 & 3 and Spoilers to Axis 1.


I also plan on the toggle buttons to mainly have lights, possibly landing gear settings, and flaps settings.


Let me know if I will run into any issues with this setup, I don't have FSUIPC.


Also, does the yoke w/ throttle come with extra lever heads, so I can customize it myself?

Regards, Jeremy Chesney



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