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Missing Textures at Cloud ATL

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I would appreciate any help here. When Flying at the same altitude as REX Cloud layer, I experance texture loss (black box flashing). It only happens when my aircraft is at the same altitude as the cloud layer. I have tried the cloud poping fix, texture settings. . I am flying Carenado C90 and B200 but it happens in any aircraft. Using REX cloud textures, GEX. system is i7-3930 4.4ghz HT off Turbo Mode off, ASUS X79 Sabetooth, Dual ATI 7870s and SSD drives 27" monitor 2560x1440. Even if i drop the resolution down it still happens. I am using DX10 but it displays correctly with DX9. I use DX10 since the flashing fix and it saves me about 5 -7fps at the defualt resolution. I get 20fps min amd capped at 30. Usually i am at 30 when it is happening but when i set it  the cap at 60, i am around 40fps second when it occures. agaim any help here would be great. I have a beast setup and i hate the fact that i would have to be below 12-16fps with using DX9. I can't find anymore fps. My CFG file is attached. Also I can't find this direct issue on the net.

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