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  1. Hello every one. Maybe someone can help me. I have P3D ver3.3, Pro/ATC X, Flight1 B200 NightHawk, SunSkyJet KPHL, ASN and ORBIX stuff installed in my sim. I have a Navigraph folder in the main P3D folder. I just installed the latest Navigraph data for May 2016. When I build my database fot Pro/ATC X, The Sid data is not there for the Philadelphia Int. airport. I tried the PROATC forum with no joy. In the Prepared folder :\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\Navigraph\NavData\PROC is a list of txt files with airport SID and STAR data in each file. The KPHL.txt file in my install is missing the SID data for the airport. Can someone post a copy of their file here so I can fix this or shed more light on this subject? it would be greatly appreciated. Edit, I downloaded the Navigraph charts and there are no SIDs for KPHL. Correct me if I am wrong.
  2. Having the same issue. Yesterday i did a flight without PRO-ATC and had sme issue. Sincse loadinf Pro-ATC, i have not been able to complete a flight.
  3. mcp5500

    LUA dynamic friction mod 737NGX

    I have been flying Flight1 B200 XP52 and using DynamicFriction for some time, mostly at KPHL, with no issues. I moved my aircraft to KMIV (asphalt) and I can't do my run-up procedures because as my props RPMs hit around 1600RPMs (prop gov test), the breaks don't hold. and the aircraft starts to move (drag) onto the runway. I have to put the throttle into reverse thrust to stop it. Once i removed Dynamic friction the issue went away. I haven't used the aircraft enough recently to see if there is a differance in ground movement as I am working on just the startup procedures at the moment. I would like your thoughts on this. I could increase the dry slide number but before I did that I found this thread.
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  7. I don't think you are following my idea. I use the 3 shifted modes and global. Controlled by the position Rotory on Saitek yokes and throttles or joysticks. What I am suggesting doubles the number from three possible funtions to 6 per button. Let me explain. I have to give up one button, let's say the trigger button in all three shift modes. You create an option that allows me to assign my trigger button to this new option. When I do that, you create a second yoke joystick that is virtual to the original. Let's call this joystick yoke V. I can go into yoke V and assign functions just like I can in the original. These Functions only become available while I am holding in the trigger button. Otherwise the original yoke or joystick is used. The shifted modes follow yoke V. This gives me 6 functions per button or switch instead of 3. See the code in my last download post and I am assigning 6 possible functions per switch/button. 2 for every shift mode by using the button one as a flaged mode. Down load it and look at the read me file. Are you saying I can use the local shift, with the 3 shifted moves to assign 6 functions to a single button?
  8. Scot could it be possible to incorporate a 2 function per button mode within Linda? If the user assigns a button to a New 2 function option feature on the setup page, the assignment pages changes from one row per button or switch to 2 rows for each button or switch, top row for New 2 function button press when it is false and row two for New button press is true. That way the trigger button on yokes and joysticks when pressed and held in, the second row function is selected for all the other buttons and switches. When the trigger button is not pressed, the first row function is selected for each button or switch. The user sets the 2 button option in the setup field by pressing the button they want to use. That button is then not available in the 3 shift mode fields. I think you would get a great response from your users. You could set the second row as a virtual joystick as well if that is easer to implement.
  9. Are the usb boards seen in device manager? I would look for a cockpit builders site for help. Did you try it without the drivers?
  10. I have not used Mindstar but it sounds like you are using it ro build a physical G1000 display. If you can see the usb devices in FSUIPC then you can use Linda or FSUIPC to send the controls for the 12 Softkeys along the bottom and all the rest of the G1000 keys. The knobs would be x and y axis joysticks. You can assign axises to controls in FSUIPC to inc or dec the map as the knob is turned. I believe there is a general inc and dec that will function in the mode you are in. Like FMS in flight plan or DME. Hope this helps.
  11. I am now adding the functions from the Saitek switch panel for the users that do not have one. Also, I am going to attempt to put each task or action into its own function block. Then I will create functions named after each button and Linda Shift mode in so users can just copy the function name into each true of false BShift task so users can easily place any 2 tasks together. This way you can easily combine any two block functions as you like. Example below. function Button_2_ModeShifted1 () BShiftTest () if Bshift == false then AP_APR_On_Off () -- Copy function name from the Do Not Assign group of functions if BShift == true then AP_NAV_On_Off () end You would just need to copy and past the function Block/task name in the true of false Linda Button # function as seen above. I would appreciate any other ideas on how to better do this to make it easy for users not so conferrable working with Lua functions. Scot could it be possible to incorporate a 2 function per button mode within Linda? If the user assigns a button to a New 2 function option feature, the assignment pages changes from one row per button or switch to 2 rows for each button or switch, top row for New 2 function button press when it is false and row two for New button press is true. Just a thought.
  12. Update to version 2.1 modified engine generators logic to better prevent getting the generators and alternators out of sync if you switch between using the assigned yoke/throttle switch and the VC switch.
  13. I found and fixed a few errors today so download again if you did earlier. fixed G1000 Select key-press so now menu items can be selected. Also fixed an issue with the generator switches that fixed an issue that the generator switch can be turned off during an engine failure and back on if the engine restarts. Also added cabin pressure Dump/Test switch to the YokeShifted1 image. I do not use the timer on the yoke. I use the one in the PFD.
  14. From the ReadMe file included. I added my Yoke and throttle setup images to the Action.lua file on the first post. the second link is dead. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ LINDA Module ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Aircraft: Flight1 B200 Version: 2.0 Date: 1/31/2016 Author: MCP5500 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ To use Shift Button 0 on your Saitek Yoke and utilize the combined 2 tasks (T2) with each button in each Shifted mode using Lind, you need to do the following: In FSUIPC4 "Button & Switches" Tab, press Yoke Button 0 (trigger finger button). FSUIPC4 should display you Joy# and Btn# (usually 0, 0). Note the Joy# and Btn# if they are different then 0, 0. Check "Select for FS control" check box. In the "Control sent when button pressed" drop-down, select "Nothing: Do Nothing" in the drop-down menu. This setting allows the Lua script (actions.lua file for the B200) to use button 0 in FSUIPC4, button 1 in Linda, as a flag that is set while button 1, in Linda, is pressed. Each function with two tasks, when it is run, selects task 2 (T2) when pressed and task 1 when not. True when pressed and false when not. That is how button 1 in Linda selects task 1 or task 2 in each function you assign your button and switches to. Note the Joy# and Btn# of your yoke and place them in the last command in the aircraft action Lua file if yours is not 0, 0 already. The last command in function BShiftTest () is "BShift = ipc.testbutton(0, 0)" -- (Joy#, Btn#). Do not assign Button 1 in Linda. Leave it as "empty" in all 3 Shift pages. I created this using Saitek’s Switch panel so external and Panel lights, gear up or down, Avionics, De-Ice (Ice vanes) and Pitot are not included. You can create your own in the Lua file and should be able to add them if you have another type of switch panel or second TQ or add then from the ones provided in Linda. I have only one TQ at this time (they are on back order) so I use the Engine Start rotary on the switch panel to select engine 1 or engine 2 or both. I use the COWL switch for my Recognition Lights and Fuel Pump for Pause. I also have the Logitech G13 for key commands like Map, Kneeboard and others. Enjoy