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  1. Ran Out of Gas!!

    That is clearly NOT a comanche. If you look at the first 5 seconds of the video you can clearly see the registration number as N750UP. and at 11 to 14 seconds you can see the registration also. That is clearly not a 0 it is a U. A comanche only has 2 side windows not 6. There is also only one exit on the right side. Here is a google search of a Comanche 250 They aren't even close looking, I should know I own a 1959 Here is also a report on the crash here and here
  2. Ran Out of Gas!!

    There is just one problem, that aircraft is NOT a Piper Comanche! It is a 2007 PACIFIC AEROSPACE LTD 750XL
  3. Flight 1 KingAir B200 (Module Version 1.0)

    Boris, I'll send you the gearhorn lua in a pm.
  4. Flight 1 KingAir B200 (Module Version 1.0)

    I am no longer developing the module to 1.1
  5. Dave, The link is stating it is no longer valid.
  6. A2A Comanche/Cherokee add on

    I know a lot of people who would be interested as these planes are getting popular becides the 172
  7. Is there any plans for an add on like the A2A 172 for these planes?
  8. Flight 1 KingAir B200 (Module Version 1.0)

    This should work but it is untested...I would say it has to be on a constant on switch because you must hold the mouse buttion on it to stay lit. function B200_No_fuel_transfer_left_Test() ipc.writeLvar("B200LFuelNoTransfer",1) end function B200_No_fuel_transfer_right_Test() ipc.writeLvar("B200RFuelNoTransfer",1) end
  9. Flight 1 KingAir B200 (Module Version 1.0)

    I will look into it.
  10. Flight 1 KingAir B200 (Module Version 1.0)

    I appreciate that mcp5500. I will let you know more once module testing is complete.
  11. Flight 1 KingAir B200 (Module Version 1.0)

    I can see what you are doing and that's great but this is all in the version 1.1 of the module. How about giving the original creator of the module some credit would be the correct thing to do? Wouldn't you say?
  12. I guess to each is own for correcting a problem. Just FYI it was not the dll in fsx causing the crash in my reports.
  13. Flight 1 KingAir B200 (Module Version 1.0)

    Module is being updated. Will reupload after testing