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Is it weird, an error or just a coincident ?

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Dear all,


 Hello an advice regarding the following would be apreciated:



As a VA pilot I do flights per certain schedules all over the world, few days back I decide to make a flight plan from SBGR to SBRF about 1,100NM, I used PMDG B737-700 and route MOZI.TEXAS BCO UW13 DEPOT UW58 SAGAZ UW58 REC, the flight departure time was 9:30am, I repeated that flight for another 3 times using PMDG MD-11 twice and AAX (Aerosoft Airbus Extended) repeating the same procedure( I am disabling crashing detection).....the out come was as follows:

  1. With B737-700 about 400nts from SBGR the plane had a nose dive for about 12,000ft approaching 1.0M speed  for no specific reason.
  2. The first MD-11 flight, it behaved in a similar way and close to same spot, went up and down ....left and right and I had to abort flying.
  3. The second flight I actually left and I knew it would pause on TOD ...came in few hours to see see the MD-11 cruising overt the Atlantic 100s of nautical miles away from airport with autopilot off.
  4. I tried the AAX and nearly at the same location I had CTD ??

Every time I had an error I just do a clean start for FSX, repair registry and clean the HD, later on I started a flight from LKPR to EBBR and everything went as smooth as silk. 


I remembered that, I used to have a similar problem trying to fly to EDDT, CDT or something......So is this could happen due to a problem at the NAV data of the area or anything else?? is it  a common problem??


Many thanks  

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It 'feels' like I have CTDs repeating in the area of EDDT (Aerosoft addon airport installed - no blame, just mentioning it) no matter what the aircraft is - haven't found the cause myself.

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