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NGX sound -need help

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Hi to you all,I download and "install" then new sound pack with the new "nose gear sound" and new GRND (taxi roll sound)...

try to listen those 2 sounds with mediaplayer they sound ok !!!!!

the problem is that into fsx I just hear "nose gear sound" once over 60 kts,but I can't hear taxi sound......trying to change the settings into the equalizer I can hear the taxi sound and no more nosegear sound....

I ve already try to increase every single settings in audio settings of both fsx and 737ngx FMC...I also tried to increase taxi roll sound volume into sound.cfg ....no result....

Is that a solution to this ???

Could someone give an advice to the right settings for my cpu equalizer ???!!!!!


thanks in advance for help




Luca Di Francesco

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Where did you get this new sound pack?


I'll try to work some solution.




Yori Smulders

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