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Saitek Yoke + Windows 8 + PMDG NGX = fail....anyone know why?

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Hi Everyone,


This is driving me nuts.  I have a Saiket Pro Flight Yoke running FSX Accel. (fully updated) plus FSUIPC.  When I'm in the PMDG NGX 737 doing a flight if I minimise FSX or switch to another screen to get information (such as fuel or to check maps) when I return to FSX my Saitek Yoke stops responding.  FSX stops seeing it even though it still works and registers in the Saitek Test app running in the background.  This is really annoying as obviously I can't ever minimise FSX which makes flying for a virtual airline impossible because I need information to programme the FMC and to run the ACARS software.


I'm running windows 8 which may well be the issue?  Has anyone else had similar problems?  I contacted Saitek and they said they can't do anything because the yoke is present and responds in the test program.  So this is obviously an issue with FSX/Win 8?  I have all my USB ports set to continuous power and turned off power saving so it should be an issue with loss of power to the USB.  I'm not running anything else from the Yoke USB ports either so its not a power issue.


I'm at a loss and feeling very frustrated.


Any ideas?


Many thanks! 



Just some added information...when I click on controllers after minimising or switching to another screen, FSX does not 'see' the Saitek controller, only 'mouse yoke'...

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Sounds like the Win 8 disconnecting joystick-problem. One temporary solution is to mimize, than switch task to FSX again in taskmanager. 


Read all about it here;



This is the sole reason what made me switch back from 8 to 7 again :wacko:


If you have a registered version of FSUIPC, you can set your joystick there. Difficult I hear, but its suppose to work.

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Ahh ok thanks, I've tried a registered version of fsuipc 4 but not had much luck...It's a real pain that the solution seems to be to switch back to win 7. My pc is new and so that would mean paying for the privilege of downgrading to 7. :( ...thanks for the advice!

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