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I am in the process of upgrading my flight simulator experience. I received some excellent advice from the software forum. Now I would very much appreciate your expertise.


My question is in regards to the efis, mcp and radios. I am close to purchasing the VRInsight MCP Combo II Boeing Style. It combines all three previously mentioned items at a reasonable price. Furthermore, given that it has LINDA support, I would be able to use the module with all default; and a number of addon aircraft (including Airbus X). I cannot afford to purchase modules for each type of aircraft and thought this would be the best general solution.


However, I am wondering whether I would do as well to purchase generic modules, such as the GoFlight GF-RP48 to manipulate the data and view the outcome on screen. After all, the aircraft authors of the aircraft put in a great deal of effort to design the VC panels in their aircraft.


Your help is much appreciated. I have other questions, but I think I will ask them separately so as not to clog up one post with multiple questions.


Thanks again!

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