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Trans_27 Pilot Chase

Simultaneous approaches are in use... IAH

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Did a flight on vatsim tonight in the beloved NGX and even made a new friend along the way.  B)


Fligthplan was KABQ ABQ2.CNX CME KF12Y LLO.BAZBL3 KIAH @ FL330 / 0.799 Mach.  




"UAL1554, line up and wait runway 08" 




"Positive rate, gear up"




College Station off of the right wing. "GIG'EM!" (Yeah, I'm an Aggie and proud of it!)  B)




Just to the north of Intercontinental, descending down to two-thousand for 26L. The Hardy Toll and Interstate 45 just below.




Base for 26L for a short final. Oh, and hello friend! Lear at my 11 o'clock. :hi:




Turning final and looking right on the money. 




My new friend on final for 27 just off of the left wing.




Yup, right on the money. 




The Lear about to touch down while I'm over the top of the cargo ramp. :help:




Floating it down for a nice, smooth kiss with 26L.  B)





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