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Flying...sometimes there are no words

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Sometimes there are things that happen in flying you can try to describe but....Today I spent all day flying Cap cadets at a local airport that is preparing for an open house/airshow tomorrow.After landing exhausted-I happened to be walking back all dudded up in my flight suit-and there was a little boy outside the fence (about 3) with a face like he had just seen the messiah walk by. His father explained that the boy was so geeked about the airshow/open house that starts tomorrow that he had to come out. I talked to the little boy for a while-and realized that I had made an impact on this young mind that will last a lifetime-what a responsibility and an honor!Then walking out of the terminal an older man of 76 came up to me. With almost tears in his eyes he mentioned to me that although he had been very successful in business and had his own cooperate jet in his life-he had always envied those who flew. I explained to him that even at his age it is never too late to start-he again starry eyed went on and on about how he envied me-then got in his classic car (very expensive) and drove off.I got in my mediocre car and drove off myself-feeling quite changed for the experience-what a privilege to be able to fly....

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Here here!! What an experience. It is an honor to fly. In the first place, to be a GOOD pilot you have to be fairly intelligent, more than just an average learner. Second, you have to be dedicated to stay proficient. You don't just learn to fly and that's it, you must keep doing the landings every month, keep practicing stall and spin recovery, go under the hood with the CFI and recover from critical attitudes, short and rough field techniques, weight and balance, etc, etc, etc.But, for you to recognize the effect that you, as a pilot, have on non-pilots and young ones only comes from being a decent, humble man with a genuine concern for others and their feelings. That, my friend, is just who YOU are."When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return." - Leonardo da Vinci Sincerely,Glenn Flowers PPL, SEL

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