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Landing lights have disappeared

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Hi all,

I have just installed REX and just tried to land at Sitka (PASI) in the dark, with no landing lights. Bearing in mind that this is the older Carenado Stationair, which I have not had any troubles with, I tried on approach to turn them on, but to no avail. The light itself didn't even light up, so it isn't a problem with the FSX setting allowing lights to illuminate the ground.

So after this episode, I tried the taxi lights...nothing. A different plane...nothing. A Project Airbus A318-111 lit up on the plane itself, but the ground remained dark.

I googled the problem and it came up with a REX problem, so I reverted back to my initial back-up files so that all textures were now default, but still nothing in the aircraft I tried. Then I looked at the aircraft.cfg files of my aircraft and noticed this in the Carenado 206:


//Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit, 5=landing
light.0 = 3, -2.97, -18.05, 3.45, fx_navredcarenstat
light.1 = 3, -2.97, 18.05, 3.45, fx_navgrecarenstat
light.2 = 4, -3.27, 0, 2.05, fx_vclight
light.3 = 1, -21.1, 0, 7.5, fx_beaconcarenstat
light.4 = 2, -3.2, -18.11, 3.45, fx_strobecarenstat
light.5 = 2, -3.2, 18.11, 3.45, fx_strobecarenstat
light.6 = 3, -20.99, 0, 1.98, fx_navwhicarenstat
No landing lights anywhere - none of the lights are type 5, which is what I would expect? Project Airbus planes illuminate the plane itself, but not the ground, since they include a different file, namely fx_PAland:
light.5=5, 12.570000, -10.48, -5.81, fx_PAland ,
light.6=5, 12.570000, 10.48, -5.81, fx_PAland ,
but even they do not show up.
Maybe I am completely wrong, but I think this is where the problem lies, and that with all aircraft...!


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