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Textures Conversion?

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Hi All,


I know it may be early days, as the sim is only few days "old", but would there be any advantage to convert airplane textures from DXT1/3/5 to DDS? Based on my (hopefully not faulty) observation over the years is that FS9 used DXT format, whereas FSX moved to DDS, and I presume same with P3D. If so, what would be the absolute correct DDS format to convert to specifically for planes?


I did a few trials with FSX some time ago, converting DXT textures to DDS on some planes, and to be honest I did see a slight positive impact on frames, and also the fact that certain textures simply displayed better after conversion.


I also observed there are a few decent free converters available?

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Imagetool (included with the FSX SDK, haven't dug into the P3D2 one yet but I'd imagine it's in there too) can batch convert, and  IMHO ALL textures should have final conversion done by Imagetool.


DDS DXT5 for textures with gradient alphas, DDS DXT1 otherwise. 


Having said that, it isn't that big of a deal. but I completely understand the desire to do it.

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