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  1. Brian Doney

    Kerbal Space Program

    Same here. I feel like 1.0 is close enough now, and with some pretty interesting changes an updates coming, that I will likely just wait for it before jumping back in. Always enjoy your shots though Ray, so please keep 'em coming :smile:
  2. Brian Doney

    AMD Drivers

    That was my experience as well. Another consideration is, if one wants to use FSX DX10, it seems that 12.8 or earlier is required to avoid artifacts. There were some reports that 14.12 fixed this, but in my testing this was not the case.
  3. Brian Doney

    AMD Drivers

    Same here, other than DX10 (with fixer) still being a bit broken. So you have no issues, but AMD has never made good drivers. :huh: Gotcha. :rolleyes:
  4. Brian Doney


    OK, well good luck :wink: Here's a tutorial vid that should get you through the basics.
  5. Brian Doney


    Ahh, ok, yes that is a 1600x900 display. (link) Your laptop may allow you to scale the image to whatever resolution, but that monitor is not capable of displaying any higher than 1600x900, no matter what you set the output resolution to. There are physically only 1600x900 pixels present. Sorry I can't be of more help, but I guess I'm having a hard time understanding what the issue is. Do you want to force a higher resolution than your monitor is capable of displaying ? If so, this tool may be what you are looking for, though I'm not sure how that will look at 1600x900. Most use that tool in a similar fashion to DSR (nV) or VSR (AMD) to downsample from UHD to HD, etc. Having never owned a laptop I can't say for sure what the scaling methods are, but on desktops with discrete graphics, third party tools were for some time the only way to achieve downsampling, with official methods only becoming available somewhat recently for both AMD and nVidia.
  6. Brian Doney


    I can't find this model anywhere, though the S200 does show up here and there, again, with a max res of 1600x900. I'd bet at this point that it is the monitor that doesn't support 1080p, and has nothing to do with AMD/Catalyst. Maybe try searching for your display yourself, and post back if you find anything.
  7. Brian Doney


    A specific model number for the Acer display would be helpful. A brief glance at newegg shows only 2 20" Acer models, both of which support 1600x900 native resolution. If your display does not support 1080p, then your only option would be to downsample using a third party tool, which probably wouldn't look so good at the native res anyway.
  8. The 660 has a similar configuration (practically, if not functionally), but in it's perf segment I guess it never really became much of an issue. It has been an interesting week of reading for sure. I do believe that even with the correct specs/info up front, the card would still have sold quite well. The folks I truly feel for are those that side-graded from 780 specifically for the extra VRAM, and of course, anyone that went SLI for 1440p-4K. It still is an excellent card even with the caveats, it's just difficult to understand how/why nv let it get to this point in the first place. If FSX/P3D is your primary concern then the 970 is still a great choice, it's just unfortunate that the details weren't disclosed upfront.
  9. I guess to make some happy you'll need to install FSDT and C9 KLAX at the same time...
  10. Ahh I see now ! You have to click the little gears icon to bring up the RP settings window: From there, find the Advanced tab and you will see the option.
  11. You should have that option in the Advanced section then. I am at a loss as to why it would be missing. Maybe try re-installing RP anyway, as it really should be there.
  12. Have a look here. Almost all of those reports were solved using the solution above. Try updating your RP and see if that doesn't fix it.
  13. I'm wondering if maybe you are using an older version of RP. You should see as below: Check your version against the above. get the latest(final) version here.
  14. What is the error ? I do know RP can have issues with certain apps, as a guess I'd say try setting RP to only monitor for apps that have a profile defined. In RP settings, Advanced section, check the box for "Disable API monitoring for programs not listed in my profiles list". If you have already done that, then I have no other advice.