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It's a Keeper

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I installed it this evening.


Well, I was reminded just how awful the default scenery and default flight models are. . Thank God we don't have to live with that. That aside, i tested it for about an hour tonight...


I experienced no CTDs thankfully, so from that perspective it seems fairly stable on my system. The autogen density at max is amazing, but it's def a performance killer at those levels so have kept it mid range and I definitely still noticed autogen popping, particularly buildings - although much further in the distance than with FSX.

The shadowing and HDR lighting is an amazing shift from FSX, so much more immersive.


I can definitely see the potential in this sim. Fully loaded with new Orbx, the new REX system, other visual effects and top notch aircraft will make this quite amazing.


There will be no going back for me.




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