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Wierd problem with Saitek multi-panel in P3Dv2

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I have a bizarre problem with the Saitek multi-panel in P3Dv2. The landing gear lever, engine rotary switch, and switches for avionics and fuel pump work fine, but the switches for controlling aircraft lights are doing something very strange...


Specifically, in the FSX C-172  (ported to P3Dv2 by simply copying over the aircraft folder), when I toggle switches on the multi-panel I can see the appropriate switches moving in the VC. What's strange is that the aircraft lights aren't responding correctly even though the VC switches toggle correctly in response to the multi-panel input. Most of the light switches have no effect on the aircraft lights. The switch for the landing light controls instead the aircraft's beacon.


The panel is also not working properly with the F-22's lights.


I do have 'Pilot controls aircraft lights' checked in settings. The panel works fine in FSX.


I'm using the Saitek panel drivers, not SPAD.

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