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  1. And the TB-10 is variable pitch vs the 9's fixed pitch prop.
  2. This I can't resist... I got my PPL in a TB-9 at KFME... :-)) Posted too fast... looks like the OP misspoke. It's a TB-10 & 20, but no TB-9 :mad:
  3. The offending file is halo.bmp For triple-monitor systems you need to use a modified halo.bmp to prevent overly-large lights. Do a search in the library or google it and you should find a link to the necessary halo.bmp file.
  4. Like the other Bill, above, I've been so long that to list the many aircraft I've flown on is near-impossible. I will say that my first airline flight, as a child, was on a Piedmont DC-3...50-odd years later I still remember that experience! Planes I've piloted since earning my PPL two years ago include: Socata TB-9, Cessna-172, Cessna-182, Piper Warrior, Piper Archer, Super Decathlon, Extra 300L, SIAI Marchetti SF-260 (3 flights with Air Combat USA), and a Blanik L-23 glider. Bill
  5. Very much looking forward to this!
  6. I also have a triple-monitor setup. If you haven't done this already, open your fsx.cfg file and change “WideViewAspect=False” to “WideViewAspect=True” You will also want to make changes to your airport light settings (otherwise the lights will be too big at night). See the following info: http://www.simstop.c...lighting-tweak/ Finally, if you use 2D cockpit or panels you'll find they're messed up when using a multi-monitor setup. To correct the default aircrafts' panels for use with triple-monitor setup, look for George V. Trovato's file, "fsx-triplewide-panels_defaultac.zip" in the library.
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