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  1. Do some research. Google FSX uiautomationcore.dll to get the correct version and proper placement.
  2. You dont have any PMDG products? Doesnt RealtyXP add dll's to FSX without asking? Umm
  3. Reckon that should be followed with. IMO>
  4. Umm.I havnt had a crash with fSx for yrs. Ive had for more R6205 errors with the professional sim P3d.
  5. You could always assign a button to keyboard commands. It would be difficult to have one command for the GPS to open as every aircraft may have it as different window assignment. 1,2 etc... Default n172. Shift 3 to open. Fsuipc Button and switches. Press button to assign. Check "Select for key press". Set keys to be sent when pushing this button. Enter Shift/3. On press opens the GPS one press closes.
  6. Wow, Economy must be improving. This is about the 10th. "is this good enough" this week.
  7. This is what my son is currently doing through Texas aviation. He looked at all the big schools, like Embry and visited with many ATP pilots. Just BIG money is what they are!
  8. Much of a GPU's performance increase or demise seems to depend upon the levels of AA settings and cloud complexity one wants to achieve.
  9. yep, very simple. Appr. Airbus=30. Boeing =45. Been using those numbers for yrs with very accurate fuel burns.
  10. Just A thought..... I'm DTC marketing FSX through Steam., I'm saying Prove it! Or cease and desist because you are direct competition.?
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