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  1. You dont have any PMDG products? Doesnt RealtyXP add dll's to FSX without asking? Umm
  2. yep, very simple. Appr. Airbus=30. Boeing =45. Been using those numbers for yrs with very accurate fuel burns.
  3. How is in the performance intitation page of the FMC. All parameters are there. People spend a great deal of time programming it to be as accurate as any FSXer will ever require.
  4. What bearing does that have on a faulty product? It's either faulty or it isnt. Pull it off the market, as we do with our products, until fault's are repaired! On the subject of support. I have asked for support via E-mail and havn't had a response in two days? Is that how one supports a "professional" product?
  5. it should work in the first place like now! A few weeks MAY be acceptable for me!!! If I sent a new piece of my equipment out the door and told a customer it would be fully functional in 4 months. I would be out of business and sued!! Why should the software industry be any different!! May be more acceptable if it were made clear of the issues before purchasing such as future updates are., which is totally acceptable, but not defects!
  6. TRhat's rediculous/unacceptable. Though there are a few good things about the Mindstar GPS, I wouldnt recommend them to anyone because of this issue. Typical software and no recourse!
  7. Just curious if this issue has been or will be resolved. I purchased the units last night and getting the CTD when changing aircraft! Inconvenient.
  8. Umm. I just used FSUIPC Decrease Throttle Full button for my saitek throttle. Works great
  9. I'm tellin ya'll. It was UFO's!
  10. That's a very good observation. Much good will come out of this disaster. One of which is manidtory automated constant position reports.
  11. Now ya'll know why EULA are a necessary evil!
  12. Though it did, allegedly, fly back over Malaysia for a considerable amount of time without being intercepted? That part of the world doesn't have the most sophisticated radar systems.
  13. I have one take on that situation. It's nowhere and its everywhere and nobody knows nothing! Makes for good 24-7 news talks.
  14. This things so cool bout brings tears to my eyes! Im in awe. Specially in P3DV2.
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