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  1. Oskar,As you can see I my earlier post from yesterday, that i have exactly the same issue, also with the newest FSUIPC after a 'clean' install.So no flying this weekend...but we have FSweekend (www.FSWEEKEND.com) in Holland so I'll do some serious shopping instead!Kind regards,Frans
  2. Dear Guenter & Artem,Yesterday I left a message in this topicmentioning that I lost all controls.Should I place it in a different topic to get a reply?The previous post shows the same problem.Perhaps It might be a good idea to start a new topic stating what we exactly have to dofor a clean install...perhaps you can look in my yesterday post?Thanks!FransPSStandard FSX A/C also not working.....
  3. Dear experts,I love LINDA!! What a perfect piece of software have you written!!I just upgraded my 737NGX to SP1. Yesterday I made a nice flight but the Combodid not responded to all what I expected so I decided to dwonload the LINDA upgrades.From that moment on there is no control function anymore. I also upgraded to the newestFUIPC version.Can you please assist with the following error :My version : MCP Combo 1 + 737NGX 2.0b + 1.1B// 30 august 2011 (mentioned at settings page but used just unzipped v1.1b5.FUIPC version 4.745Error :LUA Error : J;FSXModuleslinda/system/init.lua:53: attempt to concatenate a nil valueThere is no reponse at all from mu combo1 .Kind regards,Frans
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