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  1. And the TB-10 is variable pitch vs the 9's fixed pitch prop.
  2. This I can't resist... I got my PPL in a TB-9 at KFME... :-)) Posted too fast... looks like the OP misspoke. It's a TB-10 & 20, but no TB-9 :mad:
  3. The offending file is halo.bmp For triple-monitor systems you need to use a modified halo.bmp to prevent overly-large lights. Do a search in the library or google it and you should find a link to the necessary halo.bmp file.
  4. Like the other Bill, above, I've been so long that to list the many aircraft I've flown on is near-impossible. I will say that my first airline flight, as a child, was on a Piedmont DC-3...50-odd years later I still remember that experience! Planes I've piloted since earning my PPL two years ago include: Socata TB-9, Cessna-172, Cessna-182, Piper Warrior, Piper Archer, Super Decathlon, Extra 300L, SIAI Marchetti SF-260 (3 flights with Air Combat USA), and a Blanik L-23 glider. Bill
  5. Very much looking forward to this!
  6. I've followed all of the suggested fixes (including the FSUIPC wind-smoothing option) and still get an occasional 'ambient weather' crash. I'm hopeful HiFi gets this ironed out soon. At the very least, trap the error so that when ASN 'hiccups' it doesn't cause FSX to crash. Next time I get this error, I'll be opening a support ticket with all the relevant info.
  7. I don't think the chair moves at all (as I observed in an earlier post), only the upper portion of the seatback moves.
  8. Looking carefully through descriptions and photos/videos on their website, it appears that the only moving part is the upper portion of the seatback. The seat itself is not moving, so should be no problem using keyboard/mouse. TrackIR might be an issue, however This appears to be a fancy force feedback device, not the kind of full motion platform most people think of for flight simulators. Even so, I would definitely consider it if I were building another home cockpit.
  9. I also have a triple-monitor setup. If you haven't done this already, open your fsx.cfg file and change “WideViewAspect=False” to “WideViewAspect=True” You will also want to make changes to your airport light settings (otherwise the lights will be too big at night). See the following info: http://www.simstop.c...lighting-tweak/ Finally, if you use 2D cockpit or panels you'll find they're messed up when using a multi-monitor setup. To correct the default aircrafts' panels for use with triple-monitor setup, look for George V. Trovato's file, "fsx-triplewide-panels_defaultac.zip" in the library.
  10. I recently installed a number of PMDG airliners for FSX (Acceleration) (737NGX, 747, MD-11). When I start FSX I am getting the following error: Flight Simulator has detected a problem with a third party software program... PMDGOptions Dynamic Link Library, Version 10.0.61355.62 ... Do you want to run this software? This is not the 'cannot find the DLL' problem that has been reported variously over the years... my dll.xml is pointing to the right place. What should I do? Thanks
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