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  1. Oh ! Thank you very much for your quick answer !
  2. Hi everyone, Bought Deluxe on MS Store. During install, I did by mistake understood that the path was for temp package so now FS is installed on a HD (D:\) and not my SSD (E:\). Can I use the "move" function in the application menu to move FS from D to E ? Did someone try already ? Is it risky ? Cheers !
  3. Hi everyone, I followed step by step the instructions, updated successfully the Ops Center, but when updating 747V3, it won't launch: "msvcp140.dll is missing". Any help appreciated, thanks.
  4. PMDG product release days should always be official days off.
  5. Damn you PMDG, it was released 6 minutes after I went to bed Congratulation for this new masterpiece PMDG !
  6. I'm relax, it's not as I had a girl waiting in my bed. (Yes honey I'm coming ... F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 )
  7. Credit Card: Check HDD empty space: check Told wife about no social life in the coming days: check Told kids about no dad available in the coming nights: check Fully ready.
  8. Hi all, Thanks for your replies. After further investigation, size of the folder was due to kids moving accidentally their files into the OC folder -_- . I'ts now some Megs big. Regarding the possibility to move the OC, I submitted an official ticket to PMDG. I think they would be OK that I post their reply, so it might help someone in the future : Case closed. Cheers.
  9. Hi Dan, Folder properties gives me a 3 GIGs+ size ! ...
  10. Hi, thanks for your quick answer, any feedback of someone who tried before so I can avoid any disaster ?
  11. Hi Gentlemen, I got 2 physical HD on my PC. Operation Center is currently on C:/, and I need to move it to D:/, due to HD space problem. A solution would be to buy a bigger HD, but for different reasons, this won't be the choice. I tried to find a step-by-step procedure to move or uninstall/reinstall OC, but whith no success. Would someone be kind to give me the right way ? thanks in advance, have a nice day.
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