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  1. Hi everyone, I followed step by step the instructions, updated successfully the Ops Center, but when updating 747V3, it won't launch: "msvcp140.dll is missing". Any help appreciated, thanks.
  2. PMDG product release days should always be official days off.
  3. Damn you PMDG, it was released 6 minutes after I went to bed Congratulation for this new masterpiece PMDG !
  4. I'm relax, it's not as I had a girl waiting in my bed. (Yes honey I'm coming ... F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 )
  5. Credit Card: Check HDD empty space: check Told wife about no social life in the coming days: check Told kids about no dad available in the coming nights: check Fully ready.
  6. Hi all, Thanks for your replies. After further investigation, size of the folder was due to kids moving accidentally their files into the OC folder -_- . I'ts now some Megs big. Regarding the possibility to move the OC, I submitted an official ticket to PMDG. I think they would be OK that I post their reply, so it might help someone in the future : Case closed. Cheers.
  7. Hi Dan, Folder properties gives me a 3 GIGs+ size ! ...
  8. Hi, thanks for your quick answer, any feedback of someone who tried before so I can avoid any disaster ?
  9. Hi Gentlemen, I got 2 physical HD on my PC. Operation Center is currently on C:/, and I need to move it to D:/, due to HD space problem. A solution would be to buy a bigger HD, but for different reasons, this won't be the choice. I tried to find a step-by-step procedure to move or uninstall/reinstall OC, but whith no success. Would someone be kind to give me the right way ? thanks in advance, have a nice day.
  10. A Avion 3 of Clement Ader, now long haul will really be for brave hearts. http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Histoire_de_l%27aviation#mediaviewer/File:Avion_III_20050711.jpg
  11. Where do you find BOX flights ? I only can find Lufthansa Cargo, Google was not my friend on that one :-/
  12. Just a reminder, PMDG conditions say "PMDG provides 7 days of download access after purchase of a product. After this 7 day period, you must purchase Extended Download Service (EDS) from the PMDG Store for each product you wish to re-download. ". So if you want to reinstall from scratch, verify you got the original file ...
  13. Damn, can't purchase neither the extension thing, "Saving billing information " for 10 minutes :@
  14. Please take a sit, enjoy the show, but don't relax too much, with that release coming. End of popcorn for some weeks, until PMDG announces 747 V2.0 on the way.
  15. When Ryan says "Uninstall the product from Control Panel\Programs & Features.", he means to uninstall the PMDG T7 program ? Thanks in advance,
  16. Give this site a try, it looks like it offers a download as .pln and .rte. Says it's for FS9 and PMDG, but I don't see any reason it would not work for FSX.
  17. Thank you so much for your help, I think that a summarizing post should be made ...
  18. Thanks Bob, and the lua file goes into FSX/module/ folder ?
  19. God, I did read all the 9 pages, and I'm lost. (I got registered FSUIPC) I installed FSUIPC4859 and did put PatchSIM1friction=Yes in the .ini. Is it enough for this to work ? Thanks for all the non hardcoregeeksimmers here
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