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Anyone have ANY good water textures that work w/ HDR/Tessellation?

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Ouch, what I'm seeing is nightmarish regression to 1992 quality, only worse!   I looked at the default water, then installed several textures from REX E+, tried REX's DX10 wave animation.  Long n short--in a word, heinous!  One poor lad reported on the LM forum that his workaround was disabling HDR (and/or tess), but ouch, that's not going to happen here!


Help!  I think I'm running the nV driver just prior to the current WHQL FWIW.   I'm hoping someone has figured this out as I can't believe this was intended by LM.  I have tried all in-sim water slider settings.  Also, starlight reflects off of ocean water and that is nasty too!   

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