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Hi could I ask for some advice

I'm using CH USB 3 lever Yoke I've assigned 2 buttons for my Reverser function, one button 'Cut Throttle' another 'Decrease Throttle Quickly'  I find the reversers always come in too late and the aircraft burns to a halt just short of the end of the runway Cut Throttle acts as the reverser and decrease throttle quickly stows the reversers.

Could I ask what others are using to fulfill the reverser function, still when I assign a keyboard number/letter i find the reversers slow, please could you advise on any better ways you have found


                Many Thanks


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Reverse those two settings, and you should be fine. "Cut Throttles" just cuts the throttle to idle, but does not activate the reversers. Whereas, "Decrease Throttle Quickly" will activate the reversers, especially if they are already at idle. I just use a plain old joystick, but I have it set up to where I pull the throttles all the back to idle (I use the "Cut Throttles" option simply because the throttle on my POS joystick doesn't bring the throttles all the way back to idle), perform my flair at 10' and touch down, then use the "Decrease Throttle Quickly" option to take the throttles to full reverse, then once slowed down, hit "Cut Throttles" again to stow the reversers.


I can't guarantee that this is the exact proper way to do things, but it works fine for me. One other thing, just in case, are you arming the Speed Brakes, and setting the Auto Brakes? Both of those make a huge difference, as well, and without them you might add a few feet to the runway, lol

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