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  1. bones1977

    Lax AFCAD

    Don't know if any of you are still having this problem, but here is the definite solution (directly from fsdt): "That AFCAD, by unfortunate coincidence, comes with a file that has the same name and a similar size than the one the Addon Manager uses to detect if FSDT KLAX is installed, the file is named KLAX_OBJ.BGL: if you rename it to anything else, it should fix this." In other words, just rename the KLAX AFCAD file that goes into the "Scenery/Global/Scenery" folder to anything else. I named mine "KLAX _OBJ2.BGL", and it worked just fine. Hope this helps!
  2. bones1977

    A Friendly Reminder

    Nope...Never noticed that, lol. I guess it just seems like it's been two years, but the more I think about it, that's about right. I guess I was wrong about that too, 21 doesn't quite equal "dozens", but you get my point, right? I'm an idiot!
  3. bones1977

    Wheels brake at touchdown ...bug ?

    Oh, now I remember what you're talking about. Ya, I somehow disabled that years ago. Cool, I thought I had something wrong for a minute there...and YEE HAW....someone finally replied to one of my posts in this forum!!! It's amazing how things work when you follow the rules and sign your dang posts!
  4. Let me start by explaining that I am an idiot! Now that I've made that clear, let me also say that I have been posting in this forum for a few years now, although I have to admit that it's pretty rare for me to post here, because whenever I check back for replies to the questions I've asked, I can't ever seem to find the original post thread. So, I just thought there were too dang many people using this forum, making it impossible to navigate far enough back to find the replies people have left in response to my posts. Well, referring back to my first point....I'm an idiot! I'm coming to realize that I never did set up a signature, so all my dang posts have been deleted. Hence the reason they are nowhere to be found. Now, I want to make it clear that I have read the Forum Rules at least two or three times. The problem is that I could have sworn I set up a signature for this forum way back when I joined (I use a lot of forums, and I guess I can't keep them all straight). So, each time I read the rules, I just assumed that I was in compliance (you know what happens when we assume). Isn't there a way to have an automated email sent out to people who have their posts removed, explaining the Forum Rules, and why their posts were deleted. I understand that most people who don't sign their posts, probably don't fairly belong using this forum, but I bought this product fair and square, and would have highly appreciated such a friendly gesture. I have posted some very important questions, as well as some helpful replies to other people's posts, which all went to waste. One more time, let me get it on the record that I'm an idiot and take full blame for having my posts deleted, so this isn't a gripe or complaint, it's merely a suggestion. I'm just saying it would have been nice to get an email informing me that I'm a moron, instead of leaving dozens of posts in a forum for over 2 years, before coming to realize it for myself.... ...I'm just sayin' ....oh, and PLEASE DON'T DELETE THIS POST!
  5. bones1977

    Liveries for PMDG since the Operations Center.

    The livery manager for the NGX uses .ptp files. I don't know anything about OPS center. What is that?
  6. bones1977

    Wheels brake at touchdown ...bug ?

    Does that mean I should be getting a red "brakes" word on the monitor? I've never seen this before.
  7. bones1977

    Paint Kit Problem

    Definitely an alpha channel issue. If that's the -900, you have to adjust the alpha channel, as it doesn't match up correctly, but my guess is you used something other than Paint Shop to do your paint, and it probably didn't properly include any alpha channel at all, since all the windows are completely covered.
  8. bones1977

    PMDG not stopping fast enough

    Going back to the original question, how early are you starting your flair? I read the manual, but didn't like the idea of beginning my flair 10' from the just looked like I was going to slam into the ground. So, I started my flare around 50' like I do in most other turbojets, and always used up the whole runway to get the dang thing stopped. Once I finally got myself to trust the dang thing, and perform my flare at 10', I have no problems getting stopped (with, or without reverse thrust). Just a thought. My suggestion is to allow the aircraft to perform a full autoland, and see what happens. Then you'll know if it's the aircraft or the pilot causing your problems. In my case, the results of that test are why I now flare at 10', lol!
  9. bones1977


    Reverse those two settings, and you should be fine. "Cut Throttles" just cuts the throttle to idle, but does not activate the reversers. Whereas, "Decrease Throttle Quickly" will activate the reversers, especially if they are already at idle. I just use a plain old joystick, but I have it set up to where I pull the throttles all the back to idle (I use the "Cut Throttles" option simply because the throttle on my POS joystick doesn't bring the throttles all the way back to idle), perform my flair at 10' and touch down, then use the "Decrease Throttle Quickly" option to take the throttles to full reverse, then once slowed down, hit "Cut Throttles" again to stow the reversers. I can't guarantee that this is the exact proper way to do things, but it works fine for me. One other thing, just in case, are you arming the Speed Brakes, and setting the Auto Brakes? Both of those make a huge difference, as well, and without them you might add a few feet to the runway, lol
  10. Just thought I'd follow up...I do have GIMP working just fine now with this paint kit. It took a long while, but I just went down the list of layers, and pulled them all out of the group folders. It's still a little glitchy here and there, but nothing more than usual for GIMP. I don't know how or why, but as soon as those layers got ungrouped, the shadow layers turned dark like they're supposed to be, and everything looks great. Good luck!
  11. I'm pretty sure I just figured it out. I went down the list of layers, and pulled them all out of their grouped folders so that they are just all single layers (obviously I kept them in the same order they were in). I don't know what your experience was, but on top of the shadow issue, GIMP was running excessively slow and consistently freezing for long persiods of time (or ceasing altogether). Now it's running nice and smooth, the file opens right up and every click I make doesn't take 15 seconds to actually occur. it's lookin' good!
  12. Anybody ever get this thing working with GIMP? I just spent all dang day getting this repaint all done, assuming the white cloudy look over my paint job would go away once I converted the files....NOPE...something to do with the Shadow layers that we're not supposed to touch. Is this just a GIMP issue? Did I do something wrong? If it is a GIMP issue, is there a fix? PLEASE HELP!!
  13. bones1977

    Tutorial #2 page 118 missing step

    Disregard....laziness got the best of me. I figured I'd just follow the tutorial step-by-step, and ignore the charts...wrong move! Once I looked at the chart, I understood what was meant by passing AB. I do agree that it is hard to spot on the display, but using the DME's it was rather easy. I'm guessing you have to nail the landing perfectly to make taxiway B though, cause I zoomed right on by it and had to back taxi. Great tutorial though, but from a bit of a rookie's perspective, every little error and typo counts. I had a hard time with a couple things at first, and now I know from reading this thread that it wasn't me, they were typos. Forgive me if somebody already pointed this one out, but I haven't noticed it in this thread. On page 118, after entering the runway information for 08, it never tells us to execute the change. I don't think it's that big of a deal, but I didn't execute it until I noticed that my FMC didn't match the screenshot on page 119. Love the was everything it's cracked up to be, just wish I hadn't waited so long to get it!!
  14. bones1977

    Tutorial #2 page 118 missing step

    I'm lost!! If I wait until I pass AB, I crash. Can someone go into a little more detail on the steps involved on the approach? Maybe with some extra screenshots.