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Dear all


I am confused and I need a quick advice please, since it is a  very difficult for me to go through many posts and forums, OK, I have REXE-OD, I am sick and tired from jumping whether phenomena that causes the plane to either stall or to go super rocketing @ FL400, however, I love the textures .....I am considering to get AS for sometime to some questions:


  1. Which AS to get 12 or Next
  2. Will I  be able to export wind aloft data for PMDG T7 FMC at both?
  3. Is there is a demo or document to describe how to use AS weather engine with REXE-OD textures  in a form of a tutorial?? And do I need that or AS has it's own textures?
  4. Will I get massive FPS hit on my system (described bellow)

I really appreciate any help and I do apologize if all of the above was mentioned before 


Best regards





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1. I would recommend getting Active Sky Next

2. Yes, you get that data from both Active Sky 2012 or Active Sky Next

3. I'm not aware of a demo for Active Sky 2012 but a 7 day fully functional demo of Active Sky Next is available (Google the product). You can use REX-OD textures and Active Sky for a weather engine without any problems. If you choose to do so, go into your REX settings and disable weather. That's about it.

4. Depends on what textures you've selected in REX. A weather engine will hardly cost you frames. It will be the texture resolution you've set in REX that will be the deciding factor.


Good luck!

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1: Go straight for AS Next.


3: That's strictly between REX and FSX. The REX manual should be of some help here.


4: In "overcast" or "7/8 broken" cloud coverage conditions maybe yes. In "perfectly generated, gradual fogging" probably not, as this effectively limits the visibility range. For the overcast you can play with the visibility range settings of ASN (maximum on the ground/maximum in the air) to suit your system specs.


Can't answer (2), I'm afraid.

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Many thanks Karan & Oliver saved me a lot of confusion :)


Happy to help :)

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