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Hi all,


I've been messin' round with DX10 trying to get it to work. I installed some of the fixers, and that helped enough to get it going some what. But so far, I can only use DX10 on my single main monitor? I have 3 and 2 are used for instraments.

When I try to move the main (instrament) panel to the monitor, itcome partily in, then goes black and the hour glass and arrow start blinking quickly, and that's as far as can get. So, I have to use the single main screen, with plane showing too. BUT,,,,,there is a great deal of difference between DX9 and DX10 in the scenery, like night and day. DX10 shows up like a picture compared to the mushy, blurry ground that DX9 has.


So, unless someone knows how to fix this, I'll just be using the single monitor. I'm getting PrePar3d v2 for C'mas which uses DX11 that my card support. GFORCE 660 with 2 gb mem. I hoping then I'll be able touse all 3 monitors again.






PS I have spelled "instrament" a thousand times,,,,,but now I can't remember how it's spelled. I guess the mind starts to go at 72. :huh:

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Hello Larry,


I have tried the DX10-version of FSX in a multi-monitor setup.

First of all I would check surround configuration or similar multi-display configuration under the ATI Control panel. Also, reset your graphic adapter to it's original state, including any overclocking. Sometimes the fsx.cfg has duplicate or conflicting entries, in which case you should erase at least one. 


Whenever following the above steps, I was always able to bring back FSX working smoothly.

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