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Saitek X52 Axes problem: advice needed please

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This is a prime example of how computers wilfully and maliciously change things of their own accord to drive their users crazy!!!


I've flown with the Saitek X52 for years, mostly with no problems. But this evening as I try to take off in FSX and pull the joystick back, the elevator goes downwards, and so does the nose! Up until yesterday pulling the joystick back brought the nose up, so what the ****** is going on? I haven't changed anything in X52 at all (my FSX.pr0 file has the same file dates as before).


Elevator Pitch Down/Up are set the same in FS9 & FSX controls - Num8 & Num2, so it's not due to some change that was made to the cfg files..


In FS9, all is still OK. So I guess I need to reverse the axis for the elevators in FSX - they are programmed to the Y axis in both FS9 and FSX profiles and both in FS9 and FSX are programmed as 'Fall Back' (whatever that means), same as the X axis. I can't see how to do this reversal - could someone kindly help me?


Probably the weirdest thing I think has ever happened to me - well, in FS, at least!! And very annoying - as soon as one problem is fixed in FS, something else always seems to come up out of the blue like this. Is it just my PC has poltergeists in it???



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OK, crisis over! Fixing this is easy of course: I was so bewildered this problem suddenly coming up out of nowhere that I forgot that I can check the Control Axes in FSX menu. Sure enough, a tick has appeared in the 'Reverse' box! Well, it wasn't put there by me. Not directly anyway. I'll never know I guess how it appeared...

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