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PMD 737 showing no exterior lighting besides strobes?

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Hey everyone, tried to google and search through here but nothing.


So I am running the following:

Ultimate Traffic 2 (not open during fsx)

Ultimate Scenery x - USA/Europe/Canada (not open during fsx)

Acive Sky 2012...I use it for graphics when putting flight plan in. (not open during fsx)

Active Sky Next (Open During Fsx)


When I go to the airport and to the gate and view 'spot', I turn the lights on and theres nothing but strobe lights flashing, logo and headlights are off even tho I can see the bulbs are on on the wings. What is this from. I installed from Ultimate scenery, ultimate traffic, active sky 2012, active sky next, pmdg 737, in that order, not sure why its doing this but ive installed many liveries and theyre all doing the same. I tried to repair the application too but nothing.


What could it be?

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