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503 message after posting a new topic (and anti-double post tip)

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Lately I always (and I mean ALWAYS) get the 503 Service Unavailable message after starting a new topic. I also notice that if I open another window in my browser and go to the forum in which I posted something, the topic is there.


It seems to me the forum software somehow fails to show you the topic you just started even when it has been posted perfectly fine. I suppose this also is the reason why there are so many double posts: people think something has gone wrong with the posting but instead only something has gone wrong with SHOWING you the post after posting it.


So my advice for everyone who has problems with double posts is to FIRST check the relevant forum in another browser window to see if your topic has been posted, regardless of the 503 message. I think you will find that 99 out of 100 times this is the case.


And maybe this may also help AVSIM to solve the problem...? Maybe you've been looking at why posts aren't actually posted while you should have been looking at why posts aren't SHOWN after being posted? ^_^

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