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Any problems using Windows Control Panel uninstall routine w/ add-ons installed using EMT into V2...

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...in the same OS where the same add-on was installed into FSX?  I've encountered serious performance issues w/ FSDT's Hawaiian airports in V2 so would like to uninstall them.  I see them listed in the Control Panel > Program applet so can uninstall them from there if it won't corrupt my FSX install of those.  I unfortunately just noticed those add ons have a new V2 installer which I did not look for first.


When I load flights into the FSDT Hawaiian airports in the Super MD-80 frame rate will be around 50, then very steadily over several minutes they will steadily decline all the way down to 10 w/ the plane just sitting at the gate engines running.  It would seem to me like a memory leak might behave like this or something along those lines.  The other product I installed in that area is the FSGenesis base mesh for Hawaii, so I guess the problem could be cause by that and not the airport add ons.


If you have good or bad experience w/ uninstalling add ons in this context I'd be most thankful to hear from you.  If you're  just guessing, then I'm pretty good at that myself so save yourself the time and effort! 


Cheers & Happy Holidays


ADDENDUM:  ok found the problem on the FSDT site:


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We believe we know what causes this. P3D 2 has bug that causes either fps dropping or even its main menu disappearing, when a scenery features a custom runway with an invisible FS8 SDK runway with just lights on top of it. This method is very common and it's working fine in FS9, FSX and P3D V1.

We reported it to LM, and they are hopefully fix it in the next patch.

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