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Old HAF932 case with new build inquiry

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Old FS simmer, new user id, long story, easier this way. Have spent last few weeks reading to come up to speed on new build. Getting back into FS after two year “pause”. Rebuilding my FS computer for FSX and future P3D.


I’m desiring to use my five year old HAF932 tower case. Looking to put a Corsair H80i water cooler in it to overclock an Intel 4770K on a Sabertooth X79.

Corsair site says mount the H80i double 120mm fan on either top or bottom of case. I’m in South Florida, Airflow will be a big issue. Bottom mount appears undesirable as PSU harness and wires come right out across the fan mount area.


HAF932 manual says I can replace top default fan with three 120mm fans. But… it appears if I mount the H80i “forward” it looks to interfere with the front ports wiring.

Can I mount the H80i in the center and mount one each 120mm fan behind and in front of the H80i?


Anyone have any experience doing this? Want to make sure I will be able to mount everything where it should be, to include the back panel of the CPU mount as well as the fan/radiator assembly.


Also… came across a post that said to ensure the Mobo has 3 pin USB sockets to accommodate the front case USB ports. All the USB sockets on the Mobo that accommodate existing front panel USB’s appear to be full 10 pin.


Any help here would be most appreciated. Forum searches turned up nada…Would rather not buy a new HAF case if I can make this one work.


Thank you for any help here, Cheers,



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