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No sound of thunder ever comes up during a flight.

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Before I installed OpusFSX,  I used to run REX with its weather engine on and, during stormy weather, realistic sounds of thunder and lighting were coming up very nicely.

However, after installing Opus,  I noticed that no sounds do ever come up at all.  Since I am no longer using REX, (had disable the weather engine and only use the cloud textures), I would like to know how to get such sounds.  I looked in options but could not find clues as far as sound was concerned.

Could anyone help me with this issue?

Many thanks,

George  - Prepar3d v1.4 - OpusFSX3.39.0 Beta


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It is the sim that produces the lightning and sounds of thunder, not the weather engine !

Of course for the simulator (NOT the weather engine) to produce the sound effects you must have CBs in the local vicinity giving you the thunder and lightning effects. I believe you will only hear thunder when on the ground which is correct because you would not hear anything when airborne or over the drone of the engine(s).

In OpusFSX you have a Thunderstorms Require TS Descriptor option in the Weather Preferences dialog. You should set this for your personal taste or the match the area of the globe you fly in. In the Netherlands and surrounding areas the TS is used in METARs when CBs are active as thunderstorms. In other parts of the globe a CB in the METAR is enough to imply active thunderstorms.

But once again please remember ... Weather engines do not directly control the standard sounds, such as thunder, but you will need the right conditions and to be in a position to hear them.



I have just double checked and YES you DO get the sounds of thunder when active CBs are present in the vicinity. But ... I had to turn off my engine to hear the thunder. You can adjust the level of the Environmental Sounds but you should not expect to hear thunder over the roar of the engine and especially not in flight, the engine noise will easily drown out any rumbles of distant thunder.


You can test this for yourself very easily using the Import METARs From File option and creating a single GLOB METAR to produce thunderstorms. Make sure you include the TS descriptor though if you have that option set in your Weather Preferences.


Again, please bare in mind this sort of thing may be defined by the weather engine, but is rendered and controlled solely by the simulator, and that includes all accompanying sound and lightning effects.


Stephen :smile:

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Thank you Stephen. I will follow your guide. One more thing thou, what does CBs  stand for? I am not familiar with it.

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