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Virtual switches not working in second window

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The hardware setup I'm using for P3D v1.4 has 2 monitors, a main monitor (Monitor1), placed on top of my hardware panel, showing the outside view and a second monitor (Monitor2), build in my hardware panel, which is used for the main gauges part of the virtual panel.

Monitor1 is my main monitor in Windows and is placed on top of monitor 2 within the Screen Resolution settings page in Windows7 64bit.


In P3D the window that is projected on monitor1 is recognized as the main window and there all the virtual buttons and switches are working properly for use with the mouse in any camera view, but there I hardly ever need to use virtual controls by mouse.

The second window with the gauges, which is projected on monitor2, is mostly the window where I have to use my mouse on virtual switches for which I have no room on my hardware controllers, but in this window, no matter which camera view I project on it, the mouse is doing nothing. When moving over items that should be usable by mouse, the mouse pointer doesn't change.


Now I thought to simply switch the main window to monitor2 and the second window to monitor1 and change the camera views for both, so I would have the main window, with the working controls, setup as my gauges view. But if I do this, P3D also changes its window priority and recognizes the second window as the new main window and the main window as the new second window. In short, I can still only use the mouse on monitor1, even though this has the window where I couldn't use my mouse in the first place and again, I cant use my mouse on monitor2, even thought that is the window where the mouse was working before.


Even thought its practically not possible for me to use monitor2 as main monitor for my computer, since its build in my hardware panel, I tried to switch monitor1 and monitor 2 in the Screen Resolution page from Windows and made monitor2 my main monitor.

Lord and behold, I was able to setup both my main and second window and control every virtual switch and button with my mouse in both windows! So this was working perfectly, except for the fact, that monitor2 cant be used as main monitor, for practical reasons, so I had to find how to keep monitor1 as main monitor and have P3D perform as it would with monitor2 as main monitor.

Only after shutting down my computer last night and starting it up this morning, the windows in P3D where completely messed up, my menu bar wasn't working anymore and I couldn't control any virtual switch or button, on any window, in any camera view.

I had to perform a repair on P3D to get things working again and I also switched my main monitor to monitor1 again, so I wouldnt have this problem anymore.


What can I do to have monitor1 perform as main monitor in Windows and therefor also as main monitor in P3D (I've seen now that the mouse should work on virtual switches in any window) and have the mouse working on the virtual switches and buttons in the second window (gauges), on monitor2?

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