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P3d glitching bad when turning

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I have had this problem since FSX. when I am flying straight and level my sim runs great. when I turn, it turns to complete custard and gives me a headache. The ground becomes a complete blur, the refresh rate seems to halve  and as soon as I level out its almost like a snap back into smooth flying.


I am running P3dv2.1 Very conservative settings, sliders mostly halfway, CPU is between 30%-70% GPU is around 40% (the counters are not peaking during the turns!!). So I can push my sliders way higher than this but I just needed to prove the point so people dont tell me to upgrade. even with sliders full left everything turned off at stock scenery I still get this issue.


I upgraded a lot of my system to try and solve this, I went from a quad core 3.5ghz to a 6 core 4.5ghz vishera. went from an AMD 7770 to a GTX 580 3gb. didn't help did see a great deal of improvement in graphics and performance but still this issue exists.


The last thing I can suspect, is can my HDD be too slow? I see some people say slow mechanical HDD can slow down texture loading. Well My P3D install is on a RAID 0 WD green drive - which were large but I think also slow, could this now be the issue? I do have an SSD in my system, but its only big enough to fit my OS, I have 10gig free, not sure if I could move my scenery to that drive and symlink it as a test but that could be useful.


Most people say the only difference with hdd and ssd is loading time But I also saw someone say scenery loading can be improved in game with an SSD.


Heres a vid of my problem, it may not be too clear as I had to keep the window small to keep the file size down. But See me flying straight, scenery is good, then bank into a medium turn, apply some back pressure and it performs terrible, straighten out and click, back to smooth. Also notice the frame rate jumps around a bit, but not enough to cause this.



I have tried all the tricks, using NI settings, affinity mask, ran with autogen off. cfg tweaks. nothing will rid me of this issue.


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