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  1. I actually managed to solve my issue, the "min movement" value in fsuipc was very high for the throttle, after changing that to a lower value I managed to get a far better improvement in throttle repsonse, I would not say butter smooth but lets call it $50 smooth!
  2. try plugging into USB port that is directly on the motherboard and try a few different port,s sounds like its not getting enough juice.
  3. Hi all, I have the saitek throttle quadrant, been using it for a while now and have it configured in fsuipc. What I am noticing is, with the mixture lever, it works pretty good, its reasonably smooth and idle cutoff on the lever shows 0% on the sim, and rich on the lever shows 100% on the sim so all good there. but the throttle lever, I go full throttle and sometimes it will show 100%, some times 88% almost something different everytime. When I pull back to idle on the lever (into the detent area) sometimes its 0% sometimes its 12% etc - same spot different value. When I looked at the axis config in FSUIPC, sure enough, putting the lever to full 4-5 times in a row shows a different max value everytime! The other issue is, using the throttle from idle 0% and slowly pushing it up wont register any change until it jumps to 26% so its not smooth at all. Have played around with the slope but has not made any difference. I guess this is a cheap hardware issue, but would be great if there was a way to fix it. If all also fails I might try setup the pitch lever as the throttle!
  4. Would be interested to see comparison of the 8600k vs the 7700k. More power per thread on the 7700k and only a tad more expensive.
  5. Hi, no its not a good PC. CPU is most important, you would have no luck trying to run pmdg on that. If you are wanting to get a machine for flight sim your minimum would be i5 2600k + gtx 680 For a good experience you would need a minimum i5 6600k + gtx 970
  6. Hi guys, is it true under win7 I cannot run one monitor at 4k and another at a lower resolution? Also how can I be sure that the conenction type I want to use, ie. HDMI will support 4k, I heard that also may be a bit of a gotcha with 4K TV's. Is there something I should look for in the specs?
  7. If you have the money, definitely go for the better CPU, P3D and especially FSX will use it to its full potential. I think Titan Z is too overkill, P3D certainly wont use it to its full potential, FSX will barely touch it -unless you a planning on using this machine for other gaming. A GTX 1070 with 8GB Ram is plenty (or the 1080).
  8. I can now successfully run 4k without issue. Believe it or not, it was all due to having disabled windows page file. When I built this pc some years ago it was the first time i had used an SSD, and I read somewhere if you had 8Gb+ of RAM you should disable it, never had an issue until I flicked DSR on and ran P3D at 4k, almost instant OOM or crash. I enabled page file on my mechanical drive only, and never had a crash since!
  9. That is useful information. Any idea what response time and contrast ratio your Vizio is? When I tried running DSR and running P3D at 4k, P3D would crash in less than a minute so I'm not sure I should be going for a 4k!
  10. Yes I have 4 monitors connected to my PC, 2 are for flight sim, 1 is the 37 in LCD and the other is a 15inch LCD vga monitor. I feel like the refresh rate of the TV may not suitable for gaming, also the price difference between a 27inch PC monitor and a 37inch TV is massive, which makes me think I am really missing out on something by using a TV.
  11. Hi all, I recently upgraded my graphics card to a GTX 980 (was on a 580), I have been able to crank up my display settings a fair bit, but the picture is still not smooth like others I have seen on youtube. (Neither is performance but I am well aware my CPU needs an upgrade too!) I am using a Panasonic 37inch TV, its 1080p connected via HDMI running at 60hz (10,000:1 Contrast and 100Hz Motion Picture Pro) . Am I wrecking my experience with a display like this? I have a real monitor on the other side of my desktop, which was when I bought it very high end (Samsung syncmaster) but its only 22inch and only does 1680x1050. I like the size of this screen, unfortunately 4k screens in this size are still a bit pricey for me and my system I don't think will cope, anyone else using TV in this way and getting good results?
  12. legend thanks for that, renaming both those files allows me to startup. when I can be bothered this weekend ill have to play trial and error to figure out what is causing the issue!
  13. Hi all, p3d 3.3.5, everything was working fine, now the problem is, when I run prepar3d the splash screen disappears at about 5% into building scenery, and that's it, it wont complete the load, problem is, the process is still running, so because it hasn't actually crashed, there are no logs in event viewer or anything to indicate what the problem is. Is there anywhere else I can look for logs that would indicate what the issue is? I have removed all my new addons, and rebooted, and cleared shaders folder etc but still same issue.
  14. thanks for raising this good point, so if I use a touchscreen to press my 2-d panels (via 3rd party software), then my flight simulator would actually pause because I have clicked outside the application is that correct?
  15. Yep airmanager is what I'm using. The bit I am struggling with is finding a suitable monitor its a dam shame they don't have an android app as I really need touchscreen since I will remove my hardware panels.
  16. Hi all, Currently I have a very basic setup. 40inch monitor with Cessna pro yoke, trim wheel, multi panel, throttle, switch panel and radio panels sitting in front. I have spent a long while try to get 2d gauges in my setup and have finally got some software to do it well. I am thinking of removing everything except the yoke, trim and throttles and putting a monitor in place to display the rest of the cockpit. Does anyone know of a cheap method to get a screen to do this, I need it to be widescreen, touchscreen and 1920x1080 ideally I would say around 12-16 inch in size. obviously a tablet would seem a great/cheap solution, but I have tried some software to use an android as a monitor but it did not work well. Also it seems smaller monitors are twice the price of bigger monitors! Any advice? thanks!
  17. Can anyone confirm if its possible to get correct values on all gauges when using p3d and panel builder? Seems I have tried everything but lua scripts don't seem to have any effect at all. P3dv3.3 Fsuipc registered Anyone got a working example?
  18. Thanks for the reply. Well the pc is not dedicated as a simulator, its also my home office so day to day tasks are difficult with 100% set.
  19. Is there any known workaorund for the display size needing to be set as "smaller 100%" ? I have my displays set to medium and the gauges are cut off. If I set to smaller then they look good. problem is, I cannot work with this display size set, its too small and I cannot read text. Im running windows 7 I would like to set my gauges monitor to be 100% and leave my remaining 4 monitors to be 125% I would use a 3rd party applicaiton or regedit hack if it exists..
  20. very keen if you can provide this.. you can use something like pastebin.com and post the link here for us.
  21. I see you have your operating system installed on an economy 5400rpm drive. That is very slow, to be honest I think you have shot yourself in the foot a little bit with that awesome set-up and then slowing it all down like that. If I were you I would grab a cheap SSD off ebay, only needs to be small and migrate your windows onto that and use the mechanical purely for file storage and applications that don't need speed.
  22. Check out Rob's post, he gives a good list at the bottom of the post on what settings will work best for you in regards to refresh rate vs frame rate http://www.avsim.com/topic/475413-try-30hz-he-saiditll-be-smooth-he-said/?p=3301853 Also note I have been having great success using half refresh rate in NI on a 60hz monitor.
  23. Unfortunately I am located in New Zealand, the cheapest local supplier of 4690k equates to $260 US. and the other issue is this will then bottleneck my GPU.. its a vicious cycle dammit
  24. That's a good question, the numbers I am working off on ebay: 2500K: $120 USD 4770k: $295 USD So about half the price.. for what I understand to be perhaps a 10%-20% performance jump.
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