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  1. Multitasking looking after the kids and typing. Interesting about PTA, I may look into that once I’ve achieved stability at higher FPS then as I’m guessing it’s going to hit the FPS if it’s madding more detail lol. fiber frame something or other haha. It’s been so long since I’ve tweaked as I’ve been using the same CFC tweaked for years lol. Whats the prefered gfx card I was thinking GTX 1080ti strix 11gb?
  2. I purchased England Wales, Scotland and trees, just had global before. Treated myself :D i came across this https://www.simtweaks.com/ which made me thing tweaking was a thing sounds like I just need to upgrade hardware then?
  3. Morning all, Soooo I finally made the jump to P3D properly after many many years of MSFS. Im struggling here if I’m honest... I’ve repurchased all my Orbx scenery at substantial cost and upgraded active sky / ASCA to the latest for P3D and I’m suffering in default aircraft with FPS. I come from a heavily tweaked FSX with a good locked 40fps.. how / can I get back to this with p3d? Is tweaking required again or is there a tweaking add on program? Is my hardware just not good enough? My specs: Core i7-4790K 4GHz Quad-Core (OC 4.4ghz) 2 x SLI GeForce GTX 970 4GB Twin Frozr V (OC’d) samsung evo 850 SSD’s Corsair - Dominator Platinum 16GB DDR3-1866 Memory Many thanks in advance
  4. I have seen this one but it's not that straight forward with networking and it seems the server xml files have changed and possibly the location of where they go
  5. Hi All, Decided yesterday that I'm going to move years of summing work into FSX-SE due to performance increases. I run a network setup using two machines, one for gaming, one for support with programs such as EFB, ASCA, AS2016. I always used to use froogles sim connect video to get everything working but that's kind of irrelevant now.. Does anyone have a link to a decent video or text guide for getting this stuff working again?? Thanks in advance
  6. Wow, mass response, thanks all! Im an ORBX, UK2K, Aerosoft, Carenado, A2A User. I think I'll just go down the route of a clean install of my addons into P3D.. I Currently run an SSD just for FSX (Heres my setup http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/rVhqm8 ) Ive installed P3D on that same SSD along side FSX so ill justy start the mind numbing hours of installing lol! I also run a network setup and I'm using EFB, AS2016, ASCA, VPILOT etc over a network through SimConnect and FSUIPC / WIDEFS... Will simconnect continue as is or do i need to reconfigure?
  7. Hi All, Today I made the jump to P3D from 15 years of MSFS. I'm currently FSX classic and over the time I've bought a mass of addons. My question is, is there anyway to migrate my current fsx setup into P3D? I've seen a tool online http://www.flightsim.ee/products/migration-tool but don't want to try anything in case it destroys my fsx before I'm setup on P3d. So is it a start from scratch and get back to installing for hours at end or can it be done?
  8. Hi All, I bought the s550 and Navigraph addon and when i turn the FMS on it says LOADING DATA BASE and never changes from that.. Ive sat for 20 mins and it still doesnt change. I can turn it off and back on but it says the same. No other buttons on the FMS respond
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