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blank textures / load times when swtching views..

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im having some issues with blank textures on the 2d cockpit in the aersoft extended when I change from wing view to the 2d cockpit view and vice versa when im in an area where the sim has to load alot of data. (ie addon scnery


is there a way to speed up the texture loading in flight when changing views. 


many thanks in advanced.

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I'm coming back to FSX after 2+ years away, due to work.  Forgive me if the problems I describe have easy, well-known fixes.  I sure have not been able to find any.  


I'm having the blank texture issue too.


But not on the airplanes that come with FSX.  Those all work fine.  My problem is with certain addons. 


On Piglet Conrad's OV-1 series, all I get are transparent textures, both exterior and interior.  This includes the panel, which understandably makes it difficult to fly the airplane.  


And on Mario Noriega's P-180, while the the aircraft's exterior skin textures work just fine, the interior sidewalls are invisible.  You can look through the cockpit windows from the outside view and see whatever's on the other side of the airplane without any interior fuselage surfaces visible.  This is annoying but not a deal killer -- I can still fly the Avanti just fine.  But obviously I'd like to see it fixed.  


I also had trouble with slowdowns and stutters until I applied the fixes recommended in this forum -- now I get a silky 30 FPS almost all the time.  But I sure would like to see what I was flying.  Any help?     

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