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Do you ever much get out from your home-base? You should!

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Like most of you I'd imagine, we not only box ourselves in to local/regional flying within the FS9 scenery world, but tend to stay there for the most part. As they say, '...apples do not fall too far from the tree...'Today on a whim, I decided to check out the Solomon Islands. AGGK (Kirakira) to note. If you have a recent video card, and a processor to properly run it, you are in for a treat if you decide to take the tourist-friendly Cess 180 for a spin. Take off from the '28' side of the field and as you clear the other end of the ocean-side lower ridge---a simply ***BREATHTAKING*** panorama opens up to you with the mountains to the left and the ocean and coves to the right. The detail of the default world within FS9 is unbelievable in some parts--especially the island chains.This landing strip would be also well served with a chopper. Set the time for 6:00am and then take a tour of the chain. I used the 180 so I could enjoy the advantages of the high-wing and slower stall speeds....What a hoot!Please respond, if you might and let me know what your reaction was to this tucked-away gem of default scenery! Oh...just minutes ago it was a nice 77F!Cheers!Mitch R.

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