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Hi there, fellow flightsimmers! Or is it flight-simmers? Oh well, doesn't really matter as I'm sure you understand what I'm saying!

New member here who just wants to introduce myself and ask a question! Ready? Here goes!


As I said, I'm a new member here at AVSIM and I'd just like to introduce myself. Name's Daniel but you can call me Imrahil as well (the username was taken from The Lord of the Rings). I'm an 18-year old guy from Sweden with a love for flight simulation. I've always loved flying... at least for as long as I can remember. I've flown exactly 38 times in my life and been to 22 countries so far. Best parts are of course Take-off, descent and landing but even just being up in the air is a thrill for me.


I've been flying in FSX for... I think it's 7 years now. Got the simulator as a birthday present when I turned 11 and I've been in love with it ever since. At first, I wasn't really playing seriously. Didn't understand much of it as I were pretty bad at speaking, writing or understanding english (more so than most other swedish 11-year olds but when I began attending 6th grade, I somehow fell in love with the language and now I LOVE it). It was when I began understanding the instructions that I got more serious but it wasn't until two or three years ago that I got REALLY serious about it. Now I ALMOST exclusively try to be as accurate when playing as possible with the knowledge I have. The commercial aircraft that I fly the most is probably either the Project Airbus A380-800 or the Project Open Sky Boeing B777-300ER. When it comes to military aircrafts, it's by far Dino Cattaneo's F-14D Super Tomcat but I also enjoy the recently released version of the IRIS A-10 Thunderbolt II, the VRS Superbug F/A-18E Super Hornet and the F-35 (also by Dino Cattaneo). Do you know what all the military aircraft I mentioned have in common? They're all VRS TacPack-compatible in FSX which is an add-on I really enjoy using. 


Anyway, FSX isn't the only Flightsim I use. I also use, although very rarely, X-Plane 10 and I'm considering getting my hands on the new PREPAR3D V2 by Lockheed Martin. 


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God, I hate it when it does that! Now where was I? Right! I was going to ask a question! It's a fairly simple one that I'm sure you'll be able to answer. Here it is:


If I was going to post a question about searching for people who'd like to fly with me in MP in FSX, where would I post this? In the MP-section of the forums? Or do I need to have an event PLANNED (I don't want to plan anything before I know if someone is interested) already? Would be grateful for some help here!


I think that's all I wanted to say and ask! Thank you for reading this and if you have some kind of question about me or something I said, feel free to send me a message!


This is Daniel AKA Imrahil, signing out.


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