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Turbulence in clouds

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I use simConnect to generate a user defined weather (Wind and clouds at different layers, pressures...). For that, I use SimConnect_WeatherSetObservation. For clouds definition, I use ESP extension to define characteritics of the cloud layer, as described in the function API:


TT - Cloud type, one of: the list above (for example, CI or CB). If this entry is different from the NNN entry above, this entry will take priority.
000 - Unused.
F - Top of cloud, one of: F (flat), R (round), A (anvil)
T - Turbulence, one of: N - None (default), O - Light, L - Light, M - Moderate, H - Heavy, S - Severe
P - Precipitation, one of: V (very light), L (light), M (moderate), H (heavy) D (dense)
Q - Type of precipitation, one of: N (none), R (rain), F (freezing rain), H (hail), S (snow)
BBB - Coded base height, the precipitation ends at this height, set to 0 for it to land on the ground
I - icing rate, one of: N (none), T (trace), L (light), M (moderate), S (severe)

I don't want any turbulence when flying inside clouds. So I use 'N' for turbulence description as mentionnedover. However, I have turbulence entering clouds.... I even have selected the "Remove turbulences and thermal effects" in the weather parameters of FSX. Unfortunately I still have turbulence... Did someone encounter this trouble, or can someone tell me what I am doing wrong ?

Thank you !

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silly question, but have you enabled the "Generate random turboulence in cloud" on FSUIPC?.

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