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  1. Paul-Henri

    FSX season

    Hi Z, I understand what you want to do, and I suppose that modifying the flight file is the "simplest" way to do that ! Regarding our project, this is unfortunately an endless project: there is always something to improve !! You can find some pictures of the simulator here (not always up to date): Thank you for your help ! Cheers, Paul-Henri
  2. Paul-Henri

    FSX season

    Hi Z, I think you are right. Probably FSX loads the season's corresponding texture at the beginning of the flight. When I dynamically change the hour (to change from day to night), FSX reloads textures... Never did the test with a date just before the season cut (may be interresting !). The reason why I wanted to dynamically change the season is that the luminosity/brightness of the sceneries varies according to the selected season, and on the simulator (Aibus A320) we have build, we find that brightness is not very good. I though it could be from the selected season. But as you explained, this information is not based upon the current PC date, but is present in the flight file. So that changing dynamically the season is no more a requirement. As you suggested, I will just patch the flight file to be sure that the season is summer to have a better brightness. Many thanks for your help ! Cheers, Paul-Henri
  3. Paul-Henri

    FSX season

    Hi Z ! Thank you for your answer ! Changing the "Season" parameter in the file is something I can do, but of course, it would be better to change it dynamically without relaoding the flight.... I will look at the documentation you mentionned to check if it is possible directly through the SDK. Cheers, Paul-Henri
  4. Hello, I'd like to change season in FSX using simConnect (or FSUIPC), but I can't find documentation about this. Maybe it is not possible.... Can someone help ? Thanks ! Paul-Henri
  5. Hi, When I use SmConnect_CameraSetRelative6DOF function, I can change the camera position. I my FSX display, I have 3 views (one for the left, one for the front and one for the right).The mentionned simConnect function only acts on the front view. Does somebody know how to move camera of another view (using this function or another) ? Thank you ! Paul-Henri
  6. Paul-Henri

    Keyboard key press emulation

    I wonder if it is a way to send "key presse event" to FSX through simConnect instead of using Windows message....
  7. Hello, I want to use IVAO on my simulator but "teamSpeak" software uses a keyboard key press to emulate the Push To Talk (PTT). My PTT is on a remote board connected to the PC through Ethernet. I can write software to interface with simConnect, but I Wonder if it is possible to simulate a "Key X press" event inside simConnect when my PTT is pressed... Can someone help ? Best regards. Paul-Henri
  8. Hello, In FSX, I'm setting weather using simConnect. Weather is given to FSX through METAR messages and "SimConnect_weatherSetObservation" function. In the METAR I can adjust some clouds parameters (type, base, type of top, precipitation, ...). However, I can't see the way to set the adjust the cloud height... Does somebody know how to do that ? Tahnk you. Paul
  9. Hello, I use simConnect to generate a user defined weather (Wind and clouds at different layers, pressures...). For that, I use SimConnect_WeatherSetObservation. For clouds definition, I use ESP extension to define characteritics of the cloud layer, as described in the function API: &TT000FTPQBBBI where: TT - Cloud type, one of: the list above (for example, CI or CB). If this entry is different from the NNN entry above, this entry will take priority. 000 - Unused. F - Top of cloud, one of: F (flat), R (round), A (anvil) T - Turbulence, one of: N - None (default), O - Light, L - Light, M - Moderate, H - Heavy, S - Severe P - Precipitation, one of: V (very light), L (light), M (moderate), H (heavy) D (dense) Q - Type of precipitation, one of: N (none), R (rain), F (freezing rain), H (hail), S (snow) BBB - Coded base height, the precipitation ends at this height, set to 0 for it to land on the ground I - icing rate, one of: N (none), T (trace), L (light), M (moderate), S (severe) I don't want any turbulence when flying inside clouds. So I use 'N' for turbulence description as mentionnedover. However, I have turbulence entering clouds.... I even have selected the "Remove turbulences and thermal effects" in the weather parameters of FSX. Unfortunately I still have turbulence... Did someone encounter this trouble, or can someone tell me what I am doing wrong ? Thank you ! Paul-Henri