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How's the Phenom 100?

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She's a beauty queen.


Looks gorgeous, not all that much going on upstairs.


Has moments that surprise in a good way, but ultimately as long as your expectations are reasonable she won't disappoint (much).


Is, in my opinion, a great aircraft to transition from GA towards the really complex airliners. She's decently fast, fun to fly, and has some quirks. More work involved to starting up than your "throttle in an inch - starter motor switch - introduce mixture" typical level of GA aircraft (if you start from cold and dark though). 


Prodigy 21 avionics is decently above 'completely basic' that I was surprised you can do things like set the minimums, change wind vector displays or even change the list of nearest airport to show only hard runways of xxxx length at your choosing. But you won't have up to date AIRAC, there's plenty of bugs at the moment and the normal checklist is more of a guide than a line by line checklist.


Bonus being that it's pretty well compatible with FSX/P3D v2.2 without much messing about since Carenado doesn't stray far from the SDK.


Don't have too many issues with FPS and the VC and interior/exterior is beautifully rendered. The knob highlights when you mouse over them is genius and I hope that's an option that's adopted by all third parties.


Since I'm sticking strictly to P3D v2, it's pretty much the only bizjet that's properly compatible with P3D v2. I believe the Lionheart Epic Victory is also compatible with v2, not sure if any other bizjet actually is. Overall I don't regret buying it.

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Once I learned how to turn OFF the MFD/PFD (not documented anywhere), it was flyable, be sure to turn OFF AccuFeel as it does some odd things to this aircraft.  


I like the knob glow so you know what you're adjusting ... but the purist will consider that unrealistic even if helpful.


Visuals are fantastic, dash could use a little less "flat" finish or maybe a scratch or two, some dirt ;)


It's fully P3DV2 compatible (main reason I purchased) and I don't have small business jet so got this one.  If ya just wanna get in a Jet and to FL330 quickly, this will do the trick.

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